At Beckwith Baptist Church, we understand many of the challenges facing our military members and their families. Being separated from relatives and friends, coupled with the demands of military duty, can take its toll on individuals and in the home. At Beckwith, we are here for you, and we count it a great honor to serve the military community stationed at Fort Polk!


The church family at Beckwith is deeply concerned for worldwide missions.  In fact, over the last two decades alone, the church family has given $1.3 million to support missionaries abroad and church planters here at home.  Presently we support 33 missionaries & mission works here in the US and around the world.


We love kids (and kids know it and love church)!  Our teachers bring Bible truths to life for children in fun and life changing ways.  Whether it is Sunday School at 10am, Children's Church at 11am, or our 7pm Wednesday night children's ministry, Patch the Pirate Club, Beckwith is the place to be for kids!


We love young people here at Beckwith and believe laying a strong, biblical foundation is essential in their preparations to be an adult.  We have a teen Bible class on Sunday mornings at 10am and Wednesday night youth group at 7pm.  In addition to our weekly ministries, we have other events throughout the year to be a help and encouragement to teens and the parents who love 'em!  All of this with the purpose to reach and disciple students so that they might live a life that counts for God and become fully devoted followers of Christ.


At the core of every individual's life is a need for relationships-firstly with God, but also with God's people.  At Beckwith, the weekly services are designed in part to foster such relationships on an ongoing basis.  From clear, helpful Bible messages three times each week from the pulpit at Beckwith, to Adult Bible classes on Sunday mornings for your individual lifestage, to ladies fellowships each month, and annual retreats for couples, ladies and men, there  is help (and hope!) for growing Christian adults.